Spring Fever

The Liberty States Fiction Writers conference last month in Iselin, NJ was a blast (www.libertystatesfictionwriters.com)! It was the group’s first and the organizers did a great job. I got to hear, or be on panels with, some of my favorite folks, including Jonathan Maberry, F. Paul Wilson, Gary Frank and Sarah Langan. One of the benefits I really appreciated was the chance to have brief sit-downs with three agents regarding my completed paranormal mystery novel. All three asked to see the “partial,” and no rejections so far. I have all my digits crossed!

I’ve just started what would be the second book in the series, HEX, DEATH AND ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, and for this one I think I’m going to need a lawyer. No, I don’t plan to slander anybody, but I’m finding there are legal issues in the plot that I need to get right.

First, a cameraman is injured while shooting a video of a rock band in an old movie theater that’s undergoing renovation. From what I’ve been told so far, the video company would probably sue the band which in response would probably sue the theater. I’m hinging some of my heroine’s motivation on this–she wants to prove it was sabotage, not negligence, and the theater isn’t liable.

A second legal issue: Because she has some psychic abilities, the lead singer wants her to help them figure out who’s been sabotaging them. The manager asks her to sign a non-disclosure agreement so she won’t take any dicey information she might uncover and sell it to the tabloids. I’m assuming this wouldn’t prevent her to talk to the police? If anyone out there has experience with this type of agreement, I’d be interested to hear about your experiences.

Meanwhile, spring has come to New Jersey and it’s SO good not to have to worry about any more snow…I hope!!!

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